**Bittersweet Totally Sauced was the 1st Senior 3-Year-Old and Reserve Intermediate Champion of the WI Swiss State Show.  Sauced's full sister Bittersweet Totally Smashed was the 3rd place spring calf.  

**Bittersweet Totally Smashed was the 2nd place spring calf at our Canton Show.  Our 2 year old daughter Tenley showed for the first time and did an excellent job showing Smashed.

**To the World Premier Sale at World Dairy Expo: Bittersweet Braiden Domino.  Domino is a fall calf out of Random Luck Duchess 'E90.'  Domino has 7 generations of excellents behind her.

**Thank you to Richard Jorgensen for purchasing Trnity at the National Sale.  

To the 2016 National Sale:  Bittersweet Pepper Trinity ET.  Trinity, a fall calf for 2016, is a Chilli Pepper out of Tweeters. Trinity's maternal sister is Dublin Hills Treats "2E94."  Don't miss your chance to get into the popular Treats family with Trinity on July 8th. 

**Thank you to Otis and Quincee Johnson for purchasing Bittersweet Braiden Rhinestone ET at the 2016 Green-Rock Sale.  Rhinestone is a Braiden daughter out of Rikki.  We wish Otis and Quincee the best with Rhinestone.

**Bittersweet Legacy Daisy Dukes was the 2015 Unanimous All-American Senior Three-Year-Old!!! We are very honored to have bred and own an animal to receive this honor.

**Congratulations to Ken Main and Peter Vail with their success along the Tanbark with Bittersweet Victor Roxanne ET and with her being nominated All-American.

**Bittersweet Legacy Daisy Dukes was Reserve Intermediate Champion of the 2015 World Dairy Expo.  In addition she was the 1st place, best Bred and Owned, and Best Uddered of the Senior Three-Year-old Class of the 2015 World Dairy Expo.

**We were very honored to have the 2nd place Senior Best Three Females of the 2015 WI Swiss State Show & WI State Fair.

**Bittersweet Legacy Daisy Dukes was Grand Champion, Best Uddered, and Best Bred and Owned of the 2015 WI Brown Swiss State Show.  

**Bittersweet Legacy Daisy Dukes was Reserve Grand Champion, 1st Senior Three-Year-Old of the 2015 WI State Fair.

**Extremely excited to have our first national show winner!! Bittersweet Victor Roxanne-ET was the winning junior 2 year old at NAILE and was also named the Reserve Intermediate Champion.  Thank you to all those that made this possible especially RT, Ryan Olson, Mike Christen, & Chris Voegeli.  We are beyond honored and thankful.  We wish Ken Main and Peter Vail, her new owners, the best with her in the future!  
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