A Few of Our Herd Favorites

Lavon HP Royalty Reese-ET  
EX-91 (93/90)

2-05 302D 17,400 3.9% 674F 3.2% 540P
3-05 305D 17,660 4.5% 802F 3.4% 604P

Sire: Ripley Farm R Oak Royalty-ET
Dam: Lavon Farms Valiant Royal EX-92
AA 5-Year Old 2005
2nd Dam:Lavon Farms Enhanced Royal-ET EX-93
HM-All American Aged Cow 2003, 3rd Aged Cow NGS-Madison 2003
3rd 5-Year Old NGS-Louisville 202
3rd Dam: Mungles L Hornets Queenella EX-93
All American 4-Year Old 1990, Grand Champion NGS-Louisville 1990
HM All-American Aged Cow 1992, 2nd Aged Cow NGS-Madison 1992

We have an Advance granddaughter and an Aaron great granddaughter of Reese in the herd today.

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