Brown Swiss

A Few of Our Herd Favorites

Bittersweet Legacy Daisy Dukes

2015 Unanimous All-American Senior Three-Year-Old
Reserve Intermediate Champion 2015 World Dairy Expo
1st, BU, and Best Bred & Owned Senior Three-Year-Old 2015 World Dairy Expo
Grand Champion, Best Bred & Owned, and Best Uddered 2015 2015 WI Brown Swiss State Show
1st, BU, and Best Bred & Owned Senior Three-Year-Old 2015 WI Brown Swiss State Show
Reserve Grand Champion 2015 WI State Fair
1st, BU, and Best Bred & Owned Senior Three-Year-Old 2015 WI State Fair

Sire: Blessing Mort Legacy
Dam: Hilltop Acres Etvei "VG85"
2nd Dam: Hilltop Z Divinity-ET "2E92"

We have pregnancies by Victor from Daisy Dukes.

Bittersweet VB HP Vicki

02/02 350D 19,127 4.2% 795F 3.4% 649P
03/03 365D 24,523 4.5% 1099F 3.7% 898P
4/10 351D  27,083  4.4% 1,180F  3.6% 966P 
6/00  206D  18,597  3.8% 701F  3.3% 608P (RIP)

2nd 5-year-old 2013 WI State Show & WI State Fair

Sire: Red Brae Prelude Zeus
Dam: Sun-Made KB Jetway Vicki-ET "V89"
2nd Dam: Genesis Even Victoria-ET "3E93"

Dublin-Hills Tweeters

(Pictured at 10 years old)

9/01 365D 26,967  3.8% 1,036F  3.1% 835P

Sire: Forest Lawn Simon Jetway-ET
Dam: Dublin-Hills Tweety "2E90"
2nd Dam: Dublin Hills Dotson Deety "V88"

Tweeters is the dam of Dublin Hills Treats "2E94," the 2011 Grand Champion of World Dairy Expo and AA Component Merit Cow. 

We have daughters in our herd by Supreme, Braiden, Chili Pepper, Seaman, and Premium.

To-Bran Dynasty Rikki-ET

6/11  365D  26,392  3.6% 956F  3.6% 953P

Sire: Hilltop Acjres En Dynasty-ET
Dam: Allegria Starbuck Rapture "V89"
2nd Dam: Hawthorne Rythmic Riki  "3E94"

We have daughters in the herd by Braiden, Goliath, and Faust.

Creamline Zeus Jassmine

03/03 344D 25,127 5.5% 1386F 3.6% 912P
4/10 365D 31,434 5.0% 1560F 3.6% 1133P 
7/09 161D 14,460 4.8% 689F 3.1% 452P (RIP)

Sire: Red Brae Prelude Zeus
Dam: Top Acres M Ensign Jazzy-ET "E91"
2nd Dam: Manions Jade Jinx Jojo "E90"
Jassmine goes back to Idle Wild Improver Jinx.

Top Acres Den Beyonce-ET

Beyonce's udder

05/05 365D 34,508 3.6% 1239F 3.4% 1200P

Sire: R Hart TC Denmark-ET
Dam: Top Acres Even Bounce-ET "2E93"
2nd Dam: Top Acres Prophet Bloom "2E92"

We have a Secret and Carter daughters out of Beyonce in our herd.

Bittersweet Galaxy Bella ET
Galaxy daughter out of Beyonce and Dam of Bittersweet Carter Ben, who is available at New Generation Genetics.

Nor Bella Jetway Riva

6/05 365D 32,440 3.9% 1289F 3.2% 1062P

AA Winter Calf 2000
Nominated AA Winter Yearling 2001
Member Reserve AA Produce of Dam 2002 & 2006
1st Sr. 2 year old Royal Winter Fair 2002

Sire: Forest Lawn Simon Jetway
Dam: Vanderpost Sensation Rita
2nd Sr. 2 year old Royal Winter Fair 1995
1st Winter Calf Royal Winter Fair 1993
2nd Dam: Forest River Reba "E90"
Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 1990

We have daughters by Vigor in the herd.

Bittersweet Star Rhianna-ET "E90"
2/03  365D 23,232  3.5% 822F  3.3% 770P
3/09  365D  28,094  3.6% 1,016F  3.3% 925    
 Daughter of Nor Bella Jetway Riva

VB Hillpoint Beam Roxy-ET

4/01 305D 20,897 4.8% 1002F 3.7% 777P
5/07 196D 12,596 3.9% 493F 3.6% 454P

: Emic Gord Beamer
Dam: VB Star G Rinez "3E92"
1998 Res. AA Senior 3-year-old
1997 Res. AA Senior 2-year-old
1996 Res. AA Fall Yearling
1995 Nominated AA Fall Calf
2nd Dam: VB Gem Rinez-ET "3E91"

We have daughters and granddaughters of Roxy in our herd.  Below is her Victor daughter now owned by Ken Main and Peter Vail.

Bittersweet Victor Roxanne-ET
Now "E90"
1st Junior Three-Year-Old Harrisburg & NAILE 2015
7th Junior Three-Year-Old WDE 2015
1st Junior Two-Year-Old 2014 NAILE and Reserve Intermediate Champion
 1st place summer yearling of 2013 WI State Show & WI State Fair.

Random Luck Duchess

5/09  365D  21,463  4.6% 985F  3.3% 703P

Sire: Top Acres Jet Pilot
Dam: Lost Elm Rhythm Diana "2E92"
2nd Dam: Sun-Made Emory Delight-ET "E90"
3rd Dam: Golden Sun Elegant Dynamic "2E90"
4th Dam: Sun-Made Billy Dee-ET "2E90"
5th Dam: Golden Dawn Beaut Dairybee-ET "2E90"
6th Dam: Betta Vue Daisty "2E90-Elite"

 We have a daughters by Braiden in the herd.

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